The view from the top!

Yay!!! I finished my exams, at last! Every single time, I mean, like EVERY SINGLE TIME, I come out of the exam hall appreciating and nodding my head at the wisdom of "oh! thats a weight off my shoulders!" More like, mountains off the shoulders!

Euphoric as I am at the moment, celebrating the end of my exams with a 14 hour flat rendevouz with Morpheus, its been quite an uphill climb! Huurrmmpphh...pant...pant! Phew!

Ok, first of all, my concentration span is as good as a goldfish's..! Absolutely pathetic! So, I had to give myself doggie biscuits! Ranged from 'ok doggy, study without wagging your tail for 5 minutes (ok, not always that bad! 10 minutes sometimes..hehe!) you can go out for a walk/listen to a song/dream about someone/get yourself a bite. Worked most of the time! No wonder, dogs are so trainable! Its the doggie bikkis!

Oh, and my appearance!! Scary! Total disregard for anything even remotely connected to aesthetics (even the occasional missed shower! heheeee)!! And how can I forget to mention my messy room..ok ok, I'll fess it up, its not like its always impeccably clean, but you know, extra bits of paper and books along with the usual mess - NOT a pretty sight!

Oh sigh! The war's over, a couple of more to go in August and December! And that would be the battle won! After all that climb -sleepless nights, scary dreams, sandwich, sandwich and more sandwich on the menu, its a great view from up here! Feels good to be back to normal.

If thats possible.


Divia said…
hey da
i ve been really caught up to reply to that mail... sorrry dear... and congrats on your holiday!
looks like u have changed since our undergrad days....if I remember right, u always had ur rendevouz with Morpheus the day before the exam and not afterwards :P!!
!! Oxymoron !! said…
trinity - s'alright! and thanks!
stung by..-hehehe!! undergrad days --> all the time in the arms of morpheus! lol! yeah yeah, have changed since undergrad days!!
Aarthi said…
I feel if my xams got ovr

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