Thank you Mr. Berners-Lee!!!

Was it just twenty years ago that a landline was an 'in' thing?! Was it just twenty years ago that inland letters were quick enough? Was it twenty years ago that anything dot com would have been met with a blank stare? The world is celebrating the world wide web's twentieth year in existence, today! (Thank you Mr Berners-Lee!) and I'm joining in!!

My first foray into the web was thanks to my brother, some twelve years ago! I still remember, we used to pay Rs.30-Rs.40 an hour (some cafes charged that for half hour) and I used to simply sit beside him, bored out of my wits, while he searched (not sure if it was Google that he used) for pictures of bikes, cars and then some minuscle studies related stuff (the original excuse behind the funds for this adventure! )

I only occasionally gave in to peer pressure during my teenage years, and the time I saw everyone rattle off email IDs (cuteflower@watever.com, findmeifyoucan@creepy.com etc etc) was one of them! I begged my brother to create one for me. So he told me that there was something called a yahoo and that my 'email ID' was myname@yahoo.com. Armed with this cool thing, one day, like a know-it-all (yes yes, sometimes that disease afflicted me too!!), I walked into this net cafe, asked for a computer and then in vain, let me emphasise here, ABSOLUTE VAIN, tried to access my emails. After about half an hour, I was a very very irate customer wanting 'the internet to be fixed' and value for my 30 rupees!!!

Its still difficult to forget the look on the person's face when he came upto my computer. He asked me if I were trying to access my emails, on affirming, he moved the cursor to the address bar, deleted the 'myname@yahoo.com' that was typed there and said, you can't really type your email ID on the address bar.......pause.........ma'am and proceeded to explain the 'sane' way of accessing emails!!!

Definitely, it's been a long time!!! Now look at me, I'm all internet savvy and have multiple email IDs (several overflowing with junk), work for a company that is entirely web based, watch TV on the internet AND *dreamy sigh* thanking God for social networking!!

Happy Birthday Internet!!! We all love you!!


Bindhu Unny said...

First e-mail encounter was really funny. Yes, let's all thank Mr Lee for opening a new world for us.

Vadapoche said...

Cool post! Wish Mr. lee from me 2! Next the first mail attempt was hilarious, we all have atleast one such experience, dont we?

cm chap said...

Nice post.... LOL at your unsuccessful attempt to access yahoomail thru address bar.

To avoid such moments, for long time my only job is to watch my frnds.

Divia said...

actually my internet browsing was funny! i simply wanted to do my first year college assignment from the internet, it was exactly the 10th anniversary of the internet. i had to do one on filaria(elephantiasis)so i was better than oxymoron in this case.. i went to this cafe incharge guy and told him that im not good at these things and he immediately came to the help of the damsel in distress!

it was the end of him!!! i began to rattufy all the zoological names of the parasites and that all he was so irritated with me and cursing his stars... finally he taught me how to run a google search and escaped saying some other terminal needs him... he he he he

Aarthi said...

Hey Aashi.. do u rem.. u wer the one who opened my first email account in yahoo.. v did tht in a cafe opp to canara bank near cbse school.. rem?

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Haha, thanks!

Thank you :) Absolutely!

@CM Chap
Very clever! haha! I did that when I had to use a fork and a knife to eat (had zilch idea!).

Lol!! Smartoooo!!

Noooooo :( I dont remember!! However, a big hug for you...so sweet of you to remember!

Nisha said...

thanks to internet indeed! sometimes i wonder what would we be thanking for 20 years hence...
nice background u have here.

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

LOL!!!! the exact same thing happened to me when i tried to open my yahoo account for the first time...

thanks so much for visiting, so that i cud discover ur blog... u r a very talented writer. m definately coming back for more...

and if you liked my blog, pls do become a follower so that i can share with u wenevr i write... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hi there.i was really impressed with the way you wrote this post,and the others as well. :)

it brought back memories for me,like the first time i'd ever used the internet,all the corny fan sites i used to check out,and the weird,weird life i had before social networking and web 2.0 took place. :P

i'm following you! :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

I agree with you absolutely--we've come a LONG way.
Really sorry if my comment offended you. Do you want me to delete my reply? I shall do it just now if you wish.
Thank you for the comment and the interest.
Also thank you for being so sportive as well as supportive
Warm regards

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Hey Preethi!

Welcome to my blog!! Please dont be sorry! Having different opinions is what makes us unique, gets our creativity juices flowing not to mention makes life interesting, isnt it?!! Dont worry, no need to delete it!! Besides, I know that you're more right than I am. Mommy always knows best ;))!! Keep up your fabulous work! And all the best for the second book!!

cm chap said...

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