The core of the matter

Many days ago, I saw a woman eat an apple. She bit into that shiny red round miracle and that oh so perfect scrunch, crunch- ripe, yet not yet there, reached my ears, which were, to the dismay of my hungry stomach, placed diagonally beside her. So the pretty (also hungry, I would assume as she was lunatically gorging that apple in an extremely crowded bus) lady bit and gobbled and swallowed. But a small apple lasts only for so long, you see, so in no time at all the apple was over and done with. As per me. Because, where in the world does anyone ever eat the apple 'completely', seeds, stalk and core?

Right there, in front of my eyes.

The lady wouldn't stop with the fresh, edible-y hard part of the apple. She went on to the amazement of me and my roommate, to chew on the core, the seeds and the stalk. We both were giggling and passing comments (as would have any other Indian, ok ok, Tamil girls).

Oh, the curse of being a 'judge'-er of others!

A few days later, happy me, in possession of a similar red miracle, warming a window seat in a similarly crowded bus, similarly gobbled on the apple. Now, I am an ordinary girl, with ordinary eating habits (licking fingers is ordinary)so when I was stuck with a wet-with-the-natural-goodness-of-simple sucrose combined with my saliva - apple core (and about 30 minutes of journey left) I did what you are guessing I did. In went the seeds, the core and the stalk! haha!

And you know what, except for the weird tasting seeds and the slightly bitter stalk, the core wasn't too bad you know.

So just because I don't do it, doesn't mean its wrong. Lesson learnt!


Gayatri Bhadran said...

right.. eat apples with the stock and seeds.. CHECK..! :D

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i sure hope the people on the road start thinking the same way too.

Now i cycle to work some days.
likewise i drive, and sometimes i ride the motorbike.
i like the wind on my face - that makes happy.
and when i'm happy, i sing. And when i sing, i dance as well.

And they say when anyone mentions me to someone new, te first question invariably is :"That nut case??"
**just because I don't do it, doesn't mean its wrong**
The world needs to learn the lesson, I suppose. :P

Vadapoche said...

Hmmm the possibilities are mind boggling!!!!!

Joy said...

Learnt the lesson...will try that too..

!! Oxymoron !! said...

hehe..yeeaah! ;)

@toothless wonder
've had my share of being the nutcase, so I decided to be myself. So I just remained a nutcase..!! The world likes monotony,so it freaks when someones diff, it hates monotony so cribs when things are dull! Oxymoronish world, no?!

Ooooh yeah!! As long as we remember that *youre freedom ends, where my nose begins* - ask me if u havent heard that story, will update ya!

@ joy
Ure a star!!

Aarthi said...

Really curious...will try that, but only when I'm hungry and left with just an apple and nothing else..and Aashi I've heard "ur freedom ends, where my nose begins" but never new there is a story behind it..so plss

Sh'shank said...

Good god!!! Thank heavens you werent having a mango...

!! Oxymoron !! said...

@ aarthi
haha! Good idea! The story is a nice one, will blog abt it for u!


Unknown said...

hey ashika..i saw my classmates doing that..and I had the same reaction...but now i do it too..(wink wink) its addictive I think.....

Vadapoche said...

U have been tagged again!

Princess Stefania said...

Must try it someday, then.
So just because I don't do it, doesn't mean its wrong.

I wish more people would figure that out.

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Tell me about it! I caught myself doing it too! hehe!!

I forgot the rules for getting tagged..!! Sorry, pls refresh my memory and I will do the needful!

I go with you. A person a day figuring that out, will make the world a much much better place!

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