What counts.

Why do we do the things we do? Why do we live? laugh? hurt? Why do we appease our conscience? why do we love? Why do we hate? Why do we hold grudges? Why do we value some people more than others? Why are we ready to give up our life for someone, some 'one'? Why do we kiss? why do our gazes lock with that someone? Why can we have everything in our must have list, but can throw it all away if we can spend one more moment with that someone? Why does our heart break? Why do we hold hands? why do we hug and dont want to let go? why do we remember? why do we forget? why do we come together? why do we go apart? why do we hope? why do we sacrifice? why do we forgive? why do we enjoy sunsets? sunrises? why do we share? why do we long for togetherness?

The world around and all in it,
Is God's magnificent love,
The lion, the lamb, the grass and tree,
Even that tiny little dove.
The human heart, no less than a world,
With its valleys and its mounts,
Will shout, will yell, will scream if it must,
That its only love that counts.


Vadapoche said...

Hey Ash is this two posts for the price of one?

Good post dear. Keep them coming.

Divia said...

can i add one more of mine...

Why do we miss them when that some'one' is not around and fight with them when they are around...


!! Oxymoron !! said...

@jolly r

yeah, burst of inspiration, couldnt stop myself! hehe!!


well said! I couldnt agree more!

Princess Stefania said...

Beautiful. A nice way to end a hard day.

Lokeswari M said...

Hey Ash this is the first time im reading your blogs..its amazing gurl..keep it going..

!! Oxymoron !! said...

@ princess
awee, thanks! ;)

thanks pinks! about time! haha!

Gayatri Bhadran said...

wow oh wow.. i'm a sucker for love poems and sonnets.. die hard romantic in general..

i LURVED this post.. keep em coming i tell you..!

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