Right here, right now

I reminisce a lot. And it makes me feel like a grand old lady! Owing to this sudden, not so sweet revelation, i decided that I would like to change the course of my blogging, well, for some time at least! I am listing down five things that caught my attention in the past couple of days, now that's quite, 'present', no?!

1. Grow old along with me
Everyday, when I am rushing down the sidewalk, either to uni or to work, I come across this couple. The old man must be at least 85 years old and the lady a few years under that. Every single day, I see them both hand in hand, taking one baby step at a time, each leading the other, each looking out for the other, walk up to the Tesco shop at the end of the street and make their journey back home.

2. Dream girl
I know for sure that my best friend doesn't read my blog, she is that busy! And that gives me the nerve to write this about her! We, for a reason, are having a weird, mildly cold, war (in fact, I don't think she is even aware of it!) . And for the past two days, I have dreamt about her. Just these small things that we used to do together as friends, stick up for each other, be supportive, tease and throw facts on each others faces.

3. Deeply distracting
I was sitting in the seat behind the driver's (in the Lothian, of course), lost in my thoughts, when this pretty girl, a late teen probably, walks into the bus. What caught my attention (or that of those around me) weren't those pair of bright green eyes, but a dress that was so deep (ly) revealing, that me, a member of the same sex as hers, was embarrassed..hehe! I pity the poor men who would have to muster all their will power to be 'gentlemanly'!!

4. Like home
Fall is probably my favorite time of the year, after spring and summer! The way the leaves on the trees turn hues of reds, oranges and yellows gives the whole place an enchanted glow. If you've seen LOTR, you'll remember when Frudo is speared by the ghost kings and is taken to the Elf land to recuperate, remember? Something like that! Anyways, today, I saw this line of autumn trees, partly green, partly yellow, partly orange and for some strange reason, it reminded me of Shanthi Colony! The trees, the eat outs, the snug homes, the bumpy road! (oh no, there I go reminiscing again!)

5. The Great Wall
Though I don't really need a reason to think about K..hehe..after his recent trips to China, every Chinese I see (not a dearth of them here, anywhere for that matter!) gets me thinking about him! So when this young Chinese lady and her Chinese partner got into the bus, I first went off to dreamland and later noticed that the lady had silver bracelets dangling from her cap. Was weird, but cute!


Gayatri said…
i hope even i have an 85 year old dude someday..

my best friend and i, long story of betrayal and hate, i dont talk to her anymore, although she tries to get in touch with me..

silver bracelets dangling from the cap.. hmm..
Vadapoche said…
Hey Ash,

Good to hear from u! So when is K falling into ur lap?????

Nice post! Totally oxymoronish! Keep them coming.
old couples can be Awwwww.. inspiring. and some kids can make you worry abt your unborns.
liked this one too.
!! Oxymoron !! said…
My best wishes for the dude! And I think the whole best friend-deceit-treachery is a universal phenomenon! All for good! Better a good foe than a bad friend!

Lol!! The 'lap' has a deep echo of a 'trap'! haha! Very soon I hope (the lap, of course, he is already trapped...!! ;))

I knooooww!! I hope to be one half of the old ones a few decades from now and I hope not my unborns will leave me worrying even after they are born!
Aarthi said…
You must be a passionate lover...aren't u? waiting to see your chinaman hu some day...
Priyanka said…
Oh, what a lovely post!!
!! Oxymoron !! said…
lol! the passionate part - I sure hope so!! Will have you meet him someday :))!

@well heeled
Gracias, chica!

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