If you dont succeed at first...second...seventh..go to sleep!

Its 3:22 am. I should be sleeping, dreaming, drooling. However, so far, I have had 1.5 litres of water, three trips to the loo and about seven template flops. I tried Enigma this, Flower Power that, and now, as you can see, its back to the drawing board - literally!

I dont have the energy to spruce this up now. But, I feel like a college girl who has been forced to wear a uniform.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day! And since I am an award winning procrastinator, expect tomorrow anytime, but tomorrow!

I cant think of anything funny/witty/ponderable/shocking/appropriate to say in conclusion (I am brain dead from sleep). So, I'll say whatever pops into my head..Winona Ryder (????!!!), masala dosa, Roundtana, crooked lamp, dishes to do, cuddly bison, Dasavatharam...aarrggh..I'll stop.

Good night.


Vadapoche said...

Think u shld watch Kuruvi, heard rave reviews! But still ur list of phrases are wow!

Amit Charles said...

Ha ha ha !!!

Reminds me of a recent Scribble titled "Maybe, some other time".

keep it rollin;)

Aarthi said...

hee heee...it sounds more like u r drunk than u were seepy....;)

Divia said...

had the same experience in the first week of june...
tho i never slept till daybreak!
but the reason was Jollyroger was travelling to Madurai by bus
for his friend died in a road accident in the earlier hours of June 2nd.
Slept only after he called and told he reached!

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