There are several reasons,
For a girl to sulk.
It could be the seasons,
Or just life in a bulk.

The deep red of the plum,
Would be a nice life color
The girl, but she's glum,
And she's got a pallor.

She wonders if its age,
Or if its just a phase.
A moment its rage,
The other - tears on her face.

Is she crazy or a fool?
She wonders nowadays
She used to be cool,
This lady in the phase.

She's got nice things,
And love and all.
Yet she swings,
To this melancholic ball.

She tries to remember,
Those who have less.
Who shiver in December,
Without a warm dress.

So what's wrong with her,
This silly dilly girl.
Where occurred the err?
For which her thoughts swirl?

What would make her happy?
And get her lips to curl?
To remove this mood so crappy,
The flags of smiles to unfurl?

If truth be told,
I'll tell you this.
Neither diamond or gold,
Will give her that bliss.

What could be the reason?
For my untold woes?
Is it really the season?
Or what the deuce?!


Operative Knick-Knacks said...

Dont be so blue
My heart breaks into two
And the best is dont even know u
Chennai sucks in ways new
Travel far and renew

Take care !

Vadapoche said...

I think you are not missing enough lipstick nowadays...

!! Oxymoron !! said...


Nice one,
Thank you!
Was fun,
Will do!!

You're spot on! Missed a little lipstick and now I'm back to normal!! hehehehehe!

Divia said...

come on Oxy,
Be positive...
Tho im having my problems particularly with my thesis...nobody is stopping me writing, but looks like im jinxed and staring at it blankly.

I can get the big picture. Life is a roller coaster. we are in the down now, but who knows tomorrow there may a twist in the tale!

cheer up baby

bondgal_rulz said...

Amazing words....

cm chap said...

Hey Oxy...

Amazing words. hats off to you.

Its just a season. But its gonna end soon if you try sometg very different from what u hv been doing all these days.

Some funny things like the below ones could help:

For a change visit beach in midnight
Take some new route to office evryday
Go to a place you have never been and do sometg u hv nvr done

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Thank you for your concern dear!! I'm cheered up now and it feels, goooood! Hope your thesis wheels have started moving as well!

Thank you!!

Thank you!! Will keep that in mind!

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