Window Woman

I saw her from the window sill,
Up and down and never still.
Short brown hair and big brown eyes,
Pearls and suede, mmm..very nice.
Now a vision to my eyes,
Now not, it happened twice.
Restless and a little anxious she seemed,
Eagerly awaiting someone I deemed.

Behind her stood a yellow shade,
Maybe in Taiwan, in China made.
And it glowed in perfection bright,
Oh! The picture under, what a sight!
Three little children in colors of fall,
Two naughty boys and a girl with a doll.
Crinkled eyes and gaps in teeth,
Mischief and innocence weaved in a wreath.
The sun shone down on their little backs,
She seemed to see the picture and relax.

She stood by her window for a moment too long,
Were those tears I saw?! She seemed to be strong.
She arranged and then rearranged the flowers,
The table, tablecloth and the lil clock tower.
At the sound of a passing car she would brighten,
When it went past her window her, her features, tightened.
Maybe she was impatient, maybe sad,
Whatever it was, I felt bad.

So I stayed in the shadows and watched her wait,
Whoever she was waiting for, was obviously late.
The sunlight in my room softened and faded,
The window woman was clearly jaded.
Drawn to my very own chores was I,
So I drew the blinds with a heavy sigh.
Late at night when the stars were out,
And the moon looked plump and stout.
I went to my window sill again,
The window woman had my affection, that was plain.

Under the very same shade she sat,
Bestowed a peck now and then and a pat.
Stranger to my eyes though she was,
Her joy to me had passed.
The three little rascals around her were,
To her stories like kittens they purred.
It brought a tear to my eye, this.
Granny and her grandchildren, oh bliss!
So they were the reason the window she had adorned,
And now with their love and giggles she was crowned.


Enigma said...

Very nice poem dear...you described it beautifully.....

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Hey sush! Thanks :) I saw this lady opposite my flat in Edin! And that's how!

Ravi Anand said...

Is this nirmala?
This is hari's bro ravi.

If this is you mail me at ravianand.14@gmail.com


Naveen Prabhu said...

nice poem ..

!! Oxymoron !! said...


Thank you :)

Unknown said...

nice one .....:)

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