I got a call today. It was one of Airtel's reps, trying to get me to sign in for a free website. Between his colleagues yapping away in the background and him putting me on mute every other second, we managed to get through to the activation page.

Here, it said that I'll need an activation key.

So, the guy asked me to keep checking my mail and my phone for the code. I kept refreshing my gmail, but nothing happened. So, he asked me to check my phone for messages.

And I tried to.

I looked on the sofa, in the kitchen, on the dining table, under the sofa, in the kitchen cabinets, under the dining table and even my purse. But I couldn't find my phone.

So I asked him to hold on for a second and continued to move furniture and look for my phone, because I needed that activation key.

After a while, he got tired and I was frustrated and just asked for the activation key to be sent out again.

This time, thankfully it came through in the mail and I registered.

That was about twenty minutes ago.

And it is only now that the whole weight of the phone situation struck me.

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