The Good Ones

A couple of days ago my daughter came back from school with a drawing of the outline of India. I was convinced that it was done using a stencil, but to my utter surprise, she nonchalantly stated that she had drawn it freehand. It was a very good freehand drawing. She's only five.

This got me thinking of the time when I was in the 10th standard studying in Delhi - I must have been fourteen years old - when my geography teacher, Mrs. Jaya, asked someone to volunteer to draw the Indian map on the board. I loved Mrs. Jaya, and in my bid to impress her, I jumped right out of my seat, grabbed the chalk and proceeded to draw the map. I was pretty confident that it was a good one; Mrs. Jaya took the chalk from me, went to the board, drew a circle around the Southern Peninsula and said, "This part is excellent."

Back in my seat and now in a position to clearly see the 'map' in all its entirety, I right away knew that it was a piece of cr*p! But, I couldn't get over how Mrs. Jaya, despite the hideousness and inaccuracy, found something nice to say to me.

Some people are just born to build others up. Imagine them as teachers - healing hearts from broken homes, pumping love into low self-esteems and filling pained minds, ears and heads with kind and uplifting words.

Remembering with love and admiration all my teachers who did all of that for me.


Alapat said…
Hey its very true, I had experienced a similar situation, to draw India as Sub continent which was worse to your diagram. And she appreciated in front of the whole class. Feeling - accomplished! And she is one of my favorite teacher and subject as well.
Divia said…
Was it Noel or Jo, she's got a photographic memory. There are teachers and teachers. One kind always wanted to become teachers,they other became teachers as they could not get any other job. The first lot are positive and build up their children. Thankfully I had most of my teachers from the former group
!! Oxymoron !! said…
@Gem: I get that, Gem! Glad you had that experience :)

@Divia: It was Jo! Good for you, Divia! Happy to hear that :)

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