For the first time in my life

I was born 23 years ago and have lived everybit of those years. I have seen a lot of things in all those 23 years..a lot of people, a lot of situations, a lot of tears and a lot of laughter.
What I hadnt seen was; a decent looking passport size photo. Reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy!! That was what it was, until today. I was badly in need of passport size photographs and rushed into the studio. Windblown and sweaty. My fingers were my comb and my sleeves were my tissues..(Do I hear a lot of..thats-so-her?!!) hehehehehe!!
Anyways, today, for the first time in my life, I had a decent passport photo taken. Phew!! And am happy!

Thats all. Ok tata bye bye.



Teazinterror said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!.....gud one!!!

Aarthi said...

Hey that's really true...I'm not yet lucky in tht case...all the passport size pics make me look the worst...:-(

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