Was I born like this?

What do you call a person who is silly? -- "silly"

What do you call a person who is stupid? --"stupid"

What do you call a person who is supposed to go to Leeds in the middle of England to visit her brother and instead finds herself in Bristol, in the South of England?--"Ashika"

Yes, yes, my sad story begins something like this....

...armed with all the necessary fizzy drinks, still water and some healthy and some not so healthy theenis, I boarded the National Express, very snugly found a window seat and got ready to do what I always do in a bus----- sleep! The bus was scheduled to arrive in Leeds at 8.45 am and it was just 9.30 pm the previous night!

So I slept. Slept through every single stop. Note that I wasnt being lazy or careless - I had kept an alarm for 7.30 so I could wake up in time to meet my lil bro! And first it was 7.30, then 8.00, then 8.30, then 9.00. But when at 9.30, the bus started slowing down for a coach station that read 'Bristol', I realized that, maybe,just MAYBE, something was not right here!

I guess the driver was a little stressed from the long journey , because when I asked him if Bristol were just another name for Leeds (hehehe), the look he gave me could have left scars (Thank God for four years in Sathyabama!) Quite understandable! He just dragged me to the Coach station inspector and left me to languish there under her withering stare!

Nah, that was only writer's liscence! Actually, she was a sweetheart! Resembled one of my old English teachers, Mrs. Birch. Must have been about 60 years old, impeccably dressed, every strand of hair in place, smelling like the spring and tch tch - ing me at every possible gap of conversation(ending every sentence with a "love" thrown in for good measure!). I was supposed to have gotten down at Manchester and change buses, but (as usual) just assumed that I had to keep warming my seat untill I reached Leeds. I was way below my original destination. I only hoped they wouldnt arrest for traveling 'without la'!!

Anyways, after parting with some more considerable sum of money (boohooo!!) I booked my tickets for Leeds from Bristol. But I was a little doubtful about why it took 6 hours from Bristol to Leeds ( I couldnt have missed too many places in between..or could I, I was beginning to doubt my very existence by now!) So, the ticket lady, another sweetheart, held me by my hand ( I wonder whether that was out of love or for support though!) and led me to a map.... and I literally swooned! I was way too down below England.

I had to make the best of what I had (that seems to be my punchline for a lot of things nowadays!) so I just roamed around Bristol, snapped a few pics and finally came back to the coach station, an hour in advance (once bitten, forever shy!) and travelled back to Leeds.

In all, I had been traveling for 18 hours straight yesterday! And if it had been on a plane, I could have visited home and come back!

Thankfully, my brother decided not to shower any sarcastic comments or his opinions about "how did they ever accept me in a business school"!! And after some delicious chicken fry and sambar soru (everyday food is now delicacy!) I slept a peaceful sleep!

Leeds at last! Thank God!

- still speechless


Vadapoche said...

Oh u poor thing, cant believe that after so many bus journeys here u actually slept beyond your stop!!! guess the buses ther are very comfy.

Anyway, admire your love for your bro. Lucky guy. Abi u got a crazy but great sis.
Keep blogging! Take care of urself.

vimalin said...

i'm not surprised.

Divia said...

i just want to repeat the last comment
Being with so many of my friends who even loose their way home after coming to my place (after which i have to direct them thro the phone as to what big building can you see? what is its name? are to to its left or right?...)
im not suprised you got lost in an unknown place
cuddos you got back safe without much trouble

Aarthi said...

You sleep in bus. You sleep in your class. Do you get sleep at night??????

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