I dont know how I do it, I dont know what inspires me, but I get myself into embarassing situations so easily, that it amazes me.

I had an interview with PC World for a part time job today. So, I go , almost smartly dressed, with three modules of economics clipped together to keep me company. I reach PC World 5 minutes before schedule (!!! am changing already!) and walk into the store. Alan, the manager who was supposed to interview me was busy dealing with some customers, so I was asked to grab a seat and wait in the financial bay. And thats what I did. Stifling a yawn (I dont know why economics does that to me) I opened the module sheets to (at least) glance through the theories of marginal benefits and opportunity costs.
Five minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen, either I was in a state of trance or I had fallen asleep HENCE, when Alan came booming in with a HIYAAAA THERE!!!!!! I literally jumped of out my skin and stood up (almost saluted him!) to shake hands with the guy. And what happened next was in slow motion.....my jacket which I was holding (conveniently) upside down rattled with the noise of my keys, my cellphone and some change threatening to meet ground any moment and the chair I was sitting in....well, unable to bear the shock of my violent and very sudden ahoy! captain!!, rolled over like an excited labrador and fell down in a very booming THUD.

There was silence.

Broken only by my ..."ooooooooops...."

I dont know what shade of red under brown I turned, but it sure brought a twinkle to Alan's eye who with great difficulty managed a "dont worry about it!" Kind of him not to laugh at a very embarassed girl! OPENLY!

Anyways, I never got the job, because I dont have a National Insurance Number yet. Looks like I am going through a spell of rejections. But hey! Every dog has its birth day and mine's coming soon! Maybe B'day stars will give the spell a twist!

The upside of the whole incident was, that Alan probably thought he must make up for the embarassment and gave me his card and asked me to call him as soon as I get my NI number! A good out of every 'oops'!!

take care and dont be embarassed to be embarassed!


ps: oh, didnt mention about the time, when I was in the chaplaincy with some other international students yesteday and we were talking about our countries and food and meat and economies and I very confidently said, that adultery is not only prevelant in developing economies, but also in countries like America.

There was stunned silence.

And "OH! Sorry! I meant adulteration" was followed by '..ooopps'!!


Vadapoche said...

hey all the best on your job hunting, Abi is already broke n hungry he says. And btw abt the adultery bit you were not too far away from the truth were you? so y d oops? : )

Aarthi said...

So whr did u get a job...Was Alan's card of any use to u??

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