Happy Feet!

Thank you Clement for the resourceful pic on ' how to refresh your childhood memories'!! And of course, thank you Sofia and Sushma for torturing me on my sick bed and forcing me to lace up my sneakers because Dr.Sofia (who is not a doctor) and Dr. Sushma (who is also not a doctor) decided that the Happy New Year fever might make me dimmer witted. Hence, it was decided by these honorary docs, that to give my brain an excercise, I must fix those laces! Anyways, despite the fact that I thought I might die of cold, fever and lacing up sneakers, I SURVIVED! And am happily trotting away in the streets of Edinburgh!
So in response to my previous post on 'HELP' - I now have Happy Feet!


Vadapoche said…
Like your collage! Hmmm thought you solved the lace problem earlier?
Aarthi said…
Thats a good girl...Thank God u didn't fall asleep while fixing up the laces.......

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