When the clock struck 2.....

I am a sound sleeper. I can sleep through any sound , of any nature. Have slept through earthquakes, floods, gales, telephone calls, alarm clocks, kicks, tickles and of course, lectures. But when I dont sleep like I usually do, I know something is terribly wrong. Tonight was one such night. Despite the fact that I had woken up on time (11.00 am :D) and had had a considerably productive day, at 12.00 AM, I was so awake, I thought I had never slept.

12.00 am turned to 12.40 am, which later turned to 1.27 am to 1.50 am. I tried listening to gospel music to Enya to New York nagaram (a personal favorite for all the situational reasons, though it is a bit off the mark considering that New York is nowhere near Fresno and that I am warming my seat in Edinburgh!) but nothing helped. And then, when the clock struck 2....all enlightenment dawned on me...I WAS HUNGRY!!! (Ok, dont ask me what took me two hours to realise that I was hungry! I wont answer you.)

Making a mental meal, I picked up my kitchen keys and walked towards the kitchen, already seeing the spaghetti I had decided to make in all hues and shades of orange and red ( all my dishes are Indianised, be it spaghetti or pasta!) and thinking,"Ash, you must be the craziest girl in the whole world to....well, you must be the craziest girl in the world." Period!

Key in the lock, a twist to the right, a creak and Leonard Horner Hall wouldnt have ever heard nor will.. a scream so loud and in harmony and in two accents, mine and chinese!! lol!! Xi Zhen my cute chinese friend was sitting on the table sorrounded by bread, pasties, soups, chocolate spreads and juice!

"Asshiikha, uu skhaaa meee, I skhaa u" was all she could manage before we both started giggling at the banshee screams we had not known we were capable of! She hadnt been able to sleep and had come to feed the tummy monster as well!! It must have been a funny sight, Ashika, her hair askew, with red spaghetti and a fork along with Xi Zhen again hair askew, with an assortment of dishes and chopsticks! Two girls, in the middle of the night, discussing chinese food and Indian movies, and short concentration spans and sleeping during lectures, while faithfully stuffing our faces!!

We both finished eating some 15 minutes ago! Bade each other good night and I came back to my room secure in the knowledge that I am not as crazy as I had thought I was! Misery and midnight hunger crave company!!

My eyes are starting to droop now, I'll go back to the world of sweet sleep!



Divia said…
welcome to the world of eating in the middle of the night!

you are not alone ash... the other night while i was talking to him...(our conversations go to early wee hours of the next day usually)suddenly i felt very uncomfortable and i realised i was HUNgry in the middle of the night... and so i asked him to stay on the phone and had half pack of masala puffed rice and drank water... which brought me to normalcy... this is unlike of me who sleeps like a log..or should i say ditto for all your earthquakes, storms etc etc...
But my sis always has a pack of Biscuits while she is awake to study for exams... but looks like we guys have company all over the world!!!
Vadapoche said…
hmmm i do get the pangs of hunger at unearthly hours too! Now i know its not an annanagar phenomenon but a global one!!!!

Just remembered the nights at Pondy during my MBA when we used to stock packs of Tiger biscuits, to keep us awake.
Aarthi said…
Sleep Sleep Sleep-you must be a Sleep lover!!!!!!

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