Culinary adventures

Remember when you were a kid and playing cricket? Facing the meanest bowler to have ever been born on the earth. He(they were usually guys, girls make the sweetest street cricket bowlers ever!) would go back a kilometer, to come running towards the pitch with a velocity you thought belonged only to the leopard, to throw the ball with such vigor and energy that all your senses would say, ....drop the bat....RUN FOR LIFE!!! But of course, you couldn't do that, because then the guys would say, "Aaaah, didnt we tell you, girls cant play cricket??!!!" So you grit your teeth, grip the bat and pray that later in life you find someone who will love you, just the way you were about to become....squashed nose and broken teeth!!

And then, you close your eyes and out of sheer reflex action swing the bat...it makes contact with that meteor ball...and you rattle from head to toe like a tuning fork almost forgetting to whisper a word of thanks for the spared nose and mouth! And then you hear it....applause, cheer, hurrah!! Its a SIX!!!

Victory is sweeter when its unexpected! So is curry!

When I had gone to Fathers John, Laurence and Stefan's house for lunch on Christmas day, they requested me to make the UK famous, Indian 'Curry'. Novice as I am at cooking, but amateur as I am at masking the novice-ness , I made something out of the plethora of spices that the priests had for some unknown reason hoarded up in the kitchen cupboard. They liked it. Phew!

Weeks later, Father Stefan saw me at church and called me aside. "Ashika" he said, " I never paid attention to how you made the curry last time. And I havent stopped thinking about it!!"
Pat pat! Ma would be proud of me!

So, Sush and I, went to Broomhouse to have lunch with the priests this afternoon. They wanted 'authentic' Indian food, so I made, chicken curry and tomato rice (actually the only other things I know how to make apart from omelette and hot water! No, wait! I know how to make sambar too!OHHH! Pat pat!!) And there were guests! (Talk about external examiners!)

Ok, I am not going to go into the details of the whole lunch episode and I am not going to pat myself again (pride cometh before a fall!) but I was a happy lass when the curry and the rice was wiped finish!! And Leo the labrador who usually just gave me a wee glimpse and would trot away, while I ran behind him, today insisted that I give him a tummy rub...I wonder why?! :p!!(oh, btw he ate the rice and curry too!)

Thinking of opening a restaurant in Edinburgh!



Aparna said...

I like the way your mind works when you write..the sheer spin of imagination..Keep it goin!

Divia said...

it was really really way of writing

Aarthi said...

Live and Let Live Aashi-so better stop cooking..hehehehe

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