The war!

It all started with a smirk.

Well, frankly it all started with the fact that I was planning to buy a bicycle to save me waiting time at the bus stop and I realized that the only spare tyre I knew was around my middle..hehehe!! And I thought - must-go-to-the-gym. That thought has crossed my mind so many times this past 6 months, that it simply bores me to death now. But when apart from physically, when I started to feel sluggish mentally as well, I just knew it was time for action.

So I said to myself, ~ Its hitting the gym time!!! ~ And it smirked. The physical me just smirked! I have had half a year of inactivity, puncuated with just a burst of a week's worth of jogging (stopped that after I started coming back with a blue nose atop a frozen face) but really, the nerve!!

So after accounting revision class today (where my brain was actually comatose) I hit the gym. Oh, the snigger and the subsequent smirks!

First, I couldnt find the gym. The Uni sports centre is absolutely mazey! I went through a dozen squash courts, two table tennis courts, a conditioning suite, the toilets, the showers, a couple of undergrad girls putting mascara on and then FINALLY (!!) the cardiovascular suite! By now, the physical me was doubling up with pretending-to-be-good-laughter, you know, the kind where the person you are laughing at knows you are laughing at her, but then you are watering at your eyes, but trying to keep a straight face while your mouth cant help showing the teeth?? That kind of laughter.

2 kilometers of treadmill (at speed 8 for about 1 km) and 3.5 kms of cycling !! I did it! Went to the gym !! Oh victory is sweet! The victory of will over mind. Was empowering to tell my body to listen to me and not vice versa!!

Aah! First step taken, the journey of a thousand miles begun!



Vadapoche said...

hmmm, will you believe it, Divia and me are scouting the place for a couples package at a good gym nearby!!!

Last heard David is also planning to join us, so at last count there are 3 spare tyres.

Hmmm speaking of tyres, my car needs a spare and the three at hand are no good! ; )

Divia said...

yours was an internal war... mine was and is difficult!!!
i've been pleading with him that we shud go to the gym but it all fell on deaf ears... i dont like to use my nagging technique on him.. (coz any relationship for that matter will wear out if used, though you might get your task accomplished)
and finally i said i want to go even if you dont want to go... and he took me to register and the gym guy some how recognised him (as he used to go there earlier)and persuaded him to join (good marketing skills!)but i was happy for what i cold not do he did.
God works in ways you do not know.
the difficult thing still remains to wake him everyday and take him there...

Aarthi said...

did u continue ???

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