Here we are again!

Happens every year end, this. I sit and wonder, how in the world can one year go by so quickly! And every year is the same. A hearty mixture of laughter and joy and a dash of tears and sorrows. But isnt that the very essence of life? Balance. If not one, then no appreciation for the other.
So many wonderful things happened this year! Unexpected, expected.I learnt that if I wanted to be happy and be filled with joy, I only had to give the same. Wasnt easy, but possible. I learnt that even friendship needs all the ingredients of a relationship - unconditional love, forgiveness and turning a blind eye to faults, but most of all the ability to forget. Again, not easy, but not impossible.
This year taught me, that where there is a will (and lots of love!) there is a way. Even over the Atlantic Ocean! That the embrace of a beloved is worth more than anything else in the world. That a sunset watched with my hand in that of a loved one surpasses even the glory of that dusk! That love is what makes the ride, the journey, call it what you will, worthwhile.
After twenty four years of lousy eating habits, this year, I have finally attained a health conscious consciousness! I count calories in what I eat!! I get off two stops early and walk home! Of course I have the occasional pizza and chips and chocolate, but moderation has a whole new meaning in my list of big words now!
I thought it was impossible, but even this year, I discovered many things about myself. Some quite cool, some not. For me personally, the biggest victory of the year was to accept change. The only constant. And the one thing that we are genetically, emotionally, physically most resistant to. I learnt to align myself to Divine Will. And that makes all the difference.

I know next year will bring greater joys and similar trials. I also know that just like this year, I will face them all next year too!!

I wish you all a wonderful new year!! New year, new challenges, new joys!!

And more blogs!!

God bless!


Vadapoche said...

Hey finally a good post that was worth waiting for.

Happy new year!!!!

So when you crossing the Atlantic???

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Thanks Jolly!! Wish You & Trinity a happy new year too! And the Atlantic has already been crossed!!! :D

Aarthi said...

Hey...Happy New Year Baby...Convey my wishes to your family too...:)

Gayatri Bhadran said...

Ashika, wish you a verry verry happy bright brand new year! god bless!

and lousy eating habits, yes join ze club *raises hand for a hi five*

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!

2008 has many blessed things to come. :)

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Thank you darling! Will do :)

Thank you verrrrrrrry much!

..and raises hand to return ze 'hi' 5!!

And to you too! I am looking forward to those blessed things!!

Gayatri Bhadran said...

hey hey, wassapening here? waiting for your next post!!

sophia said...

I hope you did get the e-mail I sent to you and Tweety with my new year's wishes:-)That's how I found out about how you were doing:-)
So this is just to say a few things about that blog of yours..
Reading it was much more enlightening that just knowing where you have been all this time...I really enjoyed it ...I think I've told you before you will always be a GREAT writer!!! I know my English is not that good and my "literary" style even worse... so forgive me if all this sounds very "dry" but there's no other way to say THANKS for having posted that blog:-))
I couldn't agree more with what you wrote .....so keep on expressing all these so beautifully ...keep on writing!!!I'll be the first one to promote your books in GREECE which is not a huge market...but they will ALL BUY IT!!I'll make sure they do!!!!!
Keep on posting!!You've got a fan club in Greece:-)Many kisses Sophiaa(rabbit)

Prasanna V Bharadwaaj said...
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Prasanna V Bharadwaaj said...

Nice one. I am sure you are going to have a healthy, beatiful, successful and joyful 2008.

Study well, Work hard, Eat healthy and Think better. (This is nothing to do with oxymoron)

!! Oxymoron !! said...

And the wait ends!! ;)

Thanks soph! For the compliments and for the encouragement. Much appreciated! And knowing you, I am sure, every Greek, irrespective of whether they can read or write or speak English will have a copy of my book, BECAUSE 'rabbit' will 'make' them buy it!! Kisses to you too! ummah!

Thanks Prasanna! Wish you the same!

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