Words Worth

She doesn't know I am blogging about her! But she is just an arm's length away from me! She says she is watching Pride and Prejudice, but I know by instinct, that its Mr.Darcy she is after! I met her face to face after three years, though, when I saw her in the railway station it was like, meeting her in the recess after third period!

Daffy (Daffodil) and I became friends on the evening of the day, we both were going to be alone, away from our families for the first time in our lives, starting the super scary, super jolly college life. It struck me quite strong, to think that we've been friends for eight years now.

Eight years ago, on a similar night, we shared a similar room. She snored away to glory, while I slept the disturbed sleep of one haunted. I had a gut feeling that she would turn into a bat in the middle of the night!! And last night, we talked so much, throughout the night, that we went to bed at daybreak! No bat-turning-genius that girl!

College began, life went on. Ups, downs. We (she, me, Az, Gaay) even formed a band!! We called ourselves, The Rhythmic Technos!! I blush now. But then, we were fiercely proud of our acoustic and musical skills! She played the guitar, Az the harmonica, Gaay and I crooned!

It is said that it takes four years to form a friendship and then its for life. I am grateful for this girl who is staring at Mr.Darcy right now, who says she wants to learn how to cook from me...ME!! And when I do teach her, she ooohs and aaahs and says, Ash, kalakitta!!

As Elizabeth says, "I love you" to Mr. Darcy and I steal a look to see if her eyes are welling with tears, I ask her, "Do you like Mr. Darcy?" and she turns around, eyes aglow, face bright,(the light from the laptop!) all thirty two visible and gives me an affirmative nod!!

There are some people who just dont have to 'act their age' with you or you with them!!


Vadapoche said…
Hmmm nice post! Good to see you. Happy easter.
lemon said…
totally get what you're saying! Sometimes i can can completely wig out in front of a few of my best friends and all that comes out of it is a familiar smile, that says..'i'll always be there for you, no matter how mad you are'!

Oh..and i just wanted to thank you for your comment and tell you, that it completely made my day :)
cant stop smiling!!! lovely post
Aarthi said…
Hey thts a cool reminisce...u rem u had a grp name in school too???
Gayatri said…
you were in a band? wooooow! =D
I had absolutely no idea u were writing about me!!:O........and I was like, right there.....

Can't blame me though, Darcy does that to me :D

Rhythmic Technos! :)) ...I blush too......mind you, we did have loads of fun, not to mention entertaining the other poor souls in that God forsaken place!....singing 'surangani' at the top of our voices at 2:00 in the night - a cherished and grinningly remembered moment... not for the people whose sleep we disturbed though ;)

Thanks for the post Ash, loved it and love you, as always :)...I am truly thankful for that room we shared 8 years ago

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