How long does it take to love somebody?
A minute or a year?
From the start to the finish
But does it really have a beginning or an end?

How long does it take to know you've reached the depths?
Of the soul, of the mind and find yours in theirs?
Or did the universe create, yours and theirs, entwined?

How long does it take to realize?
The ache, the pain are the same as the ecstacy and joy?
Each a part of the other,
Today, tomorrow, forever.

How long does it take to know?
That to truly love is to let go?
To stand at the edge of insanity,
The threshold of lunacy.
Not knowing if they'll return,
If they were meant to be.

A moment.
The moment.
Thats all it takes.

Thats what it takes.

Love, sweet love.

I tried hard not to be cliched and post this today...!! But the intoxication of red roses and the high from the chocolates got me all dizzy and poetic!!

Thank you darling!! Grateful for you, to you.


Damit, you stole my lines!! and did a better job at putting it up then i would have :). well written da.

A life time if not more,
To know, your known is yours.
A minute in indecision,decisive time,
Alone, one second at a time eternity in a tick.
Vadapoche said…
Hey!!!! Did you guys meet???? If yes, super.

Good to see you back.
this is exactly why i cant write poems... no one gets me flowers and chocolates [:P]

happy valentines... (belated thought it is)
Aarthi said…
Happy Valentines Day...:)
Nisha said…
hey thats cute!
Cliche, yet heartfelt!!
Aarthi said…
Hey hny i have a surprise for u in my blog..chk it out...:)
Gayatri said…

that was absolutely brilliant. *whistles* =)

LOVED reading it man, i could actually feel my heat going thump thump violently! =P
!! Oxymoron !! said…
@lost and searching
hehehe!! thanks thanks! Coming from you, thats a mighty big compliment!!

Yep, we did, but that was a couple of months ago! I got the Flowers and the candies via delivery guy!

I can understand, they do inspire!! =p!! And wish you the same!

Thank you dear and wish you the same!! Hugs!

*Shy grin* thank you!

Aye aye, to both!!

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