'Mama' mia!

I feel like a mother who has been focusing too much on one of her many children! I've been so hooked to Flickr that I was neglecting this baby! Instincts got the better of me though and I'm back! So many things have happened in the last few days! I spoke to two of my old friends *at the same time* and we thought that would never happen! I cleaned my room and then messed it up again, my neighbours are suddenly being nice to me (I was very very suspicious initially, now I'm just beginning to accept it!) I sent away thirty five kilos worth of books home, have given my notice at work, preparing to say my good byes to this town which has been my 'home' for the past two years!

On one side, there is a resistance to change and on the other side, there is the wild rush of anticipation and excitement at coming back home!! It took me incessant rain to appreciate the sunshine. Its all packing time (very valid excuse for a very cluttered room!), shopping (no excuses needed!) and lots of nostalgia. Now all of a sudden the very annoying mist seems endearing! haha!
But, like they say, home is where the heart is and my heart is in India, Chennai!

The countdown begins!


Aarthi said…
Come home soon...and start talking your comedy tamil...miss it a loooot...:)
Thats loads of progress since we spoke last...way to go...dread the time when I need to start!

And...why do I have the feeling ur heart being in Chennai is not entirely due to home being there ;)
Kumar said…
Flickr Rules!!!! Lol. Thanks for being there.
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Dho varen ;)

My 'heart' really is in Chennai =D

Anytime, all the time, darling!
Vadapoche said…
Hey Welcome back! Wen do u reach?
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Thank you! Its good to be back!Will be there by the end of this month!YIPPPEEEEE!!!
Gayatri said…
coming to chennai? nice! =)

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