Imagine a lipstick that is true to its promise of super staying and not smudging. Now imagine that lipstick on me. Since 2PM this afternoon. And not by choice!

Normally, I refrain from trying on too many cosmetics in stores (tester perfumes are a different story altogether!), but when I saw this ad for Maybelline's Super Stay Lipstick in the store I was so intrigued. The model kisses her friend, drinks water even rubs it off with her fingers, but this Super Stay technology allows her to look just as gorgeous as she was before the kiss and the glass of water! Thoroughly curious, I tried on some and I just had to pick up an err-is-she-bleeding color! Its been exactly twelve hours now, the lipstick has braved a face wash,some snacks (healthy ones only!), another face wash and even dinner. And its still there!

I dont know whether this is funny or scary! For now though, looks like Super Stay is here to stay!


Vadapoche said…
Hmmm, you have not tried the kiss, so the verdict is still out!
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Hehehe!! Very soon =D
Proseaholics said…
*in a thinking aloud tone*

More importantly, you should check if it stays on the person u kiss!

It's gonna send hundreds of P.I's and suspicious housewives into a frenzy if it doesn't.

(note to self - must recommend it highly to all known ladies if such is the case)

okie, shutting up now!
Gayatri said…

Aarthi said…
Is it still there on ur lips????
Unknown said…
That's actually kinda kewl! A product that actually does what it says it would! :)

I would be tempted... since i wouldn;t have to re-apply it constantly but I would be worried too!

Should they call it glue stick instead of lipstick?
Divia said…
I'd really like to buy one only if it also has shades that suit me.

Sometimes in the name of fashion and trend the come with only colours that suit the fairer skin!!!
Aarthi said…
Hey aashi u've been tagged...
Ephemeral lipsticks have been the bane of my existence. I have never found one that lasted me more than an hour. I'm SO glad I stopped by. :P Thank you.
(And have you run it through the Kiss Test yet?)
I should try this on my car then to cover up the scratches. cos i dont crossdress. sorry! not the thing for me 2 do !
!! Oxymoron !! said…
lol! Now that would be a giveaway wont it?! ;)

hehehe! Booo!!

Da, idu laam too much!! haha! To answer your question- No!

Actually, I never thought of it that way. You've got a point!

It was in the UK and most of their shades either suit europeans or africans, so I didnt find a shade that would suit us. Try Elle 18, they've got some nice shades.

@Princess S the time I could run it through the kiss test, it had been almost eight days! Now, if that lipstick stayed on till then, I think I would have sued them (or fantasized about it!)

Is your name Sathya ( any chance?! If it is, you'll understand it, if not, nevermind! Btw, brilliant idea for the scratch!

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