Praying from the heart!

Dear God,
I pray for my sister's public exams, that she passes them, for my brother's Maths, Science, Social Studies, English, French subjects, that he passes them, for my *shudder* Hindi, Maths, Science, English 1, English 2 and my annual exam that I pass them. I also pray for mummy and daddy's good health. Please give us loooottttts of wealth. Amen. Oh. Wait. And for Ashika akka, who is my cousin sister. Amen. (in the background, the public exam writing sister - giggling at the extempore prayer, the all the subjects issues having brother- yawning, the afterthought cousin sister- staring at the prayer-er whose eyes were eerily only 89% closed).

But as always, an evening spent with the kids leaves me happy happy! And comforted, knowing that its only a matter of time before I become the slim one in the family-and not just because of my work outs!!


Vadapoche said…
Hey! you working out??!! Getting ready for some big day???
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Enna koduma sir idhu?!?! Vera matter ku work out pannave koodada?! Like, being healthy and looking va-va-voom..hehehe!!!
Divia said…
who is praying for whom?
by the way my eyes are only 89% closed at the moment...
Dhanya said…
How sweet.. hope you get everything you prayed for! Amen :)
mate.. I think u should fax this blog to God or kinda shorten it for God to understand that everybody with a family name XYZ needs to pass. Cos its really hard for Him to remember all these names..

God Bless !
!! Oxymoron !! said…
My little cousin was praying for the rest of us! 89% closed...brrrr..sends shivers down my spine!!

Aweeee, thanks!!

hehehe!! The sister is alright, its the brothers who have issues with the books! (But, they spend hours over the Automobile encyclopedia....!!!)

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