Not so pretty

I'm a pretty patient person. Seriously. I don’t get too bothered if I miss the green light at the signal by a micro second, I am pretty calm even when all the steppers are taken by the men and boys in the aerobics class and we girls and women are left with zilch. Yes, I am a patient lass.

Of course there are things that test my patience like none else. Like the clock inching towards 1.00pm (lunch time..hehe), like Thangam aunty (the lady who helps us with house cleaning) repeating the same thing at least twenty times, just so she can drive her point home, like, know-it-alls, like condescending creeps.

But, there are some things, which are beyond the realm of 'patience'. Some things which make me experience physiological changes (blood boiling, nerves throbbing, knuckles itching to punch). Like chauvinists (the real kinds, not the ones who pretend to be so, just to tease), like......I think I'd like to explain this one.

One of the best things about the eight hours at work (if that) is the smell of freshly ground filter coffee making everyone in the Fourth Floor, South Wing, a bunch of happy (and high?!) yuppies. Today, I was standing near the coffee machine, behind a few ladies getting their shares of teas and coffees, when the door to the South Wing opened and 'she' walked in. Now, I'm not going to explain her in any intricate details, but I'll tell you this- if there had been a guy there, he would have had a tough time keeping his eyes off her! What I noticed however, was the absolutely enchanting perfume and the obviously expensive pair of jeans she was wearing.

Of course, we know that light travels faster than sound and that's why we see the explosion before we hear it. Something to a similar effect happened when she said that one word - 'Tea'. Which brings me back to what had me start this narrative- things that are beyond the realm of patience - she had cut the queue. I wasn't as angry as I was shocked (which reminded me of Vivek's "jeans pota mangaatha'!!!) And I thought, queue cutting happened only in the grocery shop mom and I frequent every week or the petrol station. No, I didn't say anything to her (when it comes to queue cutting, I am usually a stickler for speaking my mind!) I think its one thing to say that in a grocery shop, with several kilos of vegetables and fruits weighing you down and another to say it with a coffee mug. Still, somewhere, it pinches. One thing is for sure, my misconception that education subtly infuses courtesy in those who have none, has been cleared.

I guess, just like common sense, even courtesy is not so common.


Bindhu Unny said…
Education doesn't lead to proper behaviour. Common sense, courtesy and other such things have to come from within. And some people just don't have it. :-)
Vadapoche said…
Saw a good looking neat woman walk out of her house with a plastic bag she walked further down the road and just tossed the bag on the road in front of another bungalow and walked back.

Garbage disposal...

What do we say?
!! Oxymoron !! said…
@Bindhu & Jolly
Totally agree with you!! Its not just this, I've seen people throw banana peels on the road, from inside premium cars...seriously, what can you say?!?!
Wow ! and you call youself someone who has a lot of patience??
Somebody got a cup of tea before your rightful turn and it blew you away to write a blog to cool off ?? How sweet ?!!!

I hope the one who got her cup of tea before u, dies a horrible death with leprosy and some unknown african Virus... Happy? he he.
Vadapoche said…
You have an award, pick it up from my page
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Ok, now that its established that you don't share my opinion on queue cutting, I think you and the lady mentioned in the post will make good know...birds of the same feather...hehehehehehe!!

As for the painful death-wish, naaahhhhh, I'll be happy enough if she (by whom I mean, not only she, but the genre she represents as well) waits her turn for her beverage!!
y said…
What was common then is not common now. A Queue is a Queue. I find it hard to believe that Mumbai which is in the same country as Chennai has an amazing disciplined queue system at the bus stops. People actually stand in a nice long queue to get into the bus. Strange how things are so different within this country.Mera Bharat Mahan!!!!
y said…
BTW Who is this Jeans pota Mangatha. Friend or a Foe???
Nah I disagree !

I am the type who will not feel cheated if someone took my rightful turn..

and i dont do stuff when i have to wait in a queue

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