Belling the Cat!!!!

I think everyone at work should wear bells around their neck!

Last I knew, we were still human beings (Terminator Salvation effect! The only thing I loved about the movie was the person I snuggled up to in the seat beside me!) We’re definitely not coded to work eight hours (or more) cooped up in front of a computer. More so, it’s inhuman to expect us to be work-related geared every moment of the stipulated work time. After a long pause and a * I think I just put my foot in my mouth look* - Right?

I’m easily bored, as was my condition when the incident that inspired the first sentence occurred. Having been bitten by the abstract designs bug, I’ve been trying to learn Photoshop to create my own, I must be pretty keen on this thing, because, when my HR colleague walked in to my cubicle to introduce me to a new intern from my team, all three of us were pretty shocked to see multihued leaves, fill effected fruits and a strange looking grey tree trunk (with shadow effect) adorning my screen, on a PowerPoint presentation that is technically supposed to be home to sales forecasts charts and market share pie charts.

The lady (HR) introduced me to the gentleman (new intern) with a grin while the intern took a double take at my screen! After saying goodbye (which I initiated for obvious reasons) it was a clear minute before the blood rushed to my face and I felt embarrassed! But it was only an hour later, that I realized that I remembered neither the intern’s face nor his name! {Got me thinking whether this had something to with age, given the fact that I reached my peak, four years ago (apparently!)}

So, that’s why I think bells around the neck would be a great idea!

Oh, by the way, my ‘thing’ for abstract designs began with me buying a box of acrylic paints and delving into a world that, pertaining to me, can be aptly described by the phrase ‘SO not talented whatsoever’! But ‘who encouraged, motivated’!!! Armed with that pat on my back, I began my journey (virtually, of course) and stumbled upon (as opposed to stumbleupon) some really awesome websites that I’d like to share! These two I visit almost every day!

Its Pretty Good - It really is!
Design Sponge – Their DIY section makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

I recently made Banana Dosa- Sanjay Thumma’s,recipe (a.k.a Vah Chef). If you haven’t seen this guy on youtube, or the latest Bingo Mad Angles ad, you must do so! His recipes are easy, the videos filled with funny trivia and he loves what he cooks (and says so!). Try it with Tamarind Chutney (for the sweet with the sour effect). Mom thought on a scale of ten I just passed (British marking system...hehehehe!) but I think for a first timer I did pretty well!

CM-Chap, thank you for the nudge!


Bindhu Unny said…
I liked that bell thing! And thanks for sharing the websites. :-)
!! Oxymoron !! said…
You're welcome!
Divia said…
even i want to learn photoshop online can you help i dont even have the software...
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Sure! Now get going to (dont forget to have an anti virus ready though!!) Its pretty easy and interesting too :)
Chriz said…
congrats for clearin:)

gud links
!! Oxymoron !! said…

Thanks Chriz!

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