About seventeen years ago (oh boy...!!), in the month of November, we all were pretty silly and stupid. Especially Tublu*. Seriously.

It was my birthday and I was soooooo excited! Mom was preparing 'kesari' (fav fav!) and there was a nice cake waiting for me to slaughter! So there we were, me, all decked up and pseudo grinning (not letting my upper lip touch my lower lip- I was wearing LIPSTICK!!), two blobs of bright pink on either cheekbone, same bright pink on eyelids get the drift... my brother, Tublu and this kocha kocha group of giggling, yelling, playing ball in the house kids! I was turning nine, oooooh nine!!

Due to some culinary issues, the party was getting delayed, and though I was supposed to wait until after the birthday bash to open my gifts, I couldn’t bear the suspense! So, when my folks weren’t looking, me, surrounded by the rest of the restless kids (especially Tublu) opened the first one! It was from my parents and was a book (sigh...I know!) that said "CARTOONS" in big letters. The cover had a picture of a person, manipulating a stick figure to change the position of its hands. I understand what that meant now, but then....anyways, Tublu saw the 'CARTOONS' and began giggling, I really didn’t see the joke, and could empathize with the emperor in 'The Emperor's New Clothes'! So we open the book and go to Chapter One. Tublu does the honors and reads it out aloud "Learning to draw cartoons is really simple and easy" and this guy begins giggling again, "Oh didi, this is so funny". And we all laughed with him (being the oldest one in the group no license to being the smartest). And we laughed hard. In fact, Tublu had tears in his eyes. We gooses were laughing at How to draw 'CARTOONS', just because it said ‘CARTOONS’.

*Tublu is Tublu’s nickname
*Tublu is 6 years old at this party


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