The Lesser Evil

A four year old boy who screamed and held on to mama at the very sight of the pool, made everyone stop in their watery tracks as he reached an unimaginable decibel when the lady coach in charge of training the 'little people' (!) got him to wet his feet!

An hour later, energy intact, his sobbing continued as he waded from one end of the pool to the other (breadth-wise!). But our coach's patience was probably thinning because, soon she requested one of the male coaches to take over her 'difficult customer'.

Five minutes and a deep baritone (coaxing, bribing and lightly intimidating) later, the little one began crying anew - this time for the lady coach!

I guess we learn to choose the lesser evil very early on in life! An evolutionary trait, perhaps!


cm chap said...

Ha Ha, lil too much... Hope those trainers are not reading this one

Divia said...

hey Dolphin swimming pool?... its common sight there!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Hehe! I think they were quite cognizant of the strategist's games!

Lol! Yeah, same pool! Its really cute sometimes, and very funny mostly!

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