Get, set, weird.

On Saturdays my auto pilot usually switches to full blast mode. That the roads in Chennai aren't bursting at their seams and I'm not invading anyone's vehicular personal space, is all the more reason for my subconscious to really do its 'thang'. So, today, when I was just enjoying the kind of empty roads and pretending to be a signora, I saw a car, with "Anti- Street Racing Force - Government of India" stamped across its rear. Now, that really woke me up. I've never, ever heard of such a thing, and that too in India and that too in Chennai. I mean, sure I've scrunched my eyes, stamped my feet and hollered at the many young adults and late teens who seem to make dangerous riding their one-thing-to-do-in-life. But, an actual FORCE, that too by the government, against street racing?! My wheels were turning, I could feel it.

And suddenly they stopped.

For right at that moment, a really saucy looking yellow bike cut across my path.

And then they started moving at high speed.

On the bike was inscribed the following,

"Come behind me,
Honk Thrice,
The race begins."

Ironic?! Maybe. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeyerrrrd? More like it!


Raveena said…
What all is happening in Chennai just when I'm not around!
Aarthi said…
Does the words behind the bike holds good for the cops as well ;)
Bindhu Unny said…
Really weird! Did you dream it? :)
!! Oxymoron !! said…
I'll say!

@ Aarthi
Hehehehe! Smart one!

Though I won't put myself past that, I can assure you it was no day dream!
Divia said…
you got to see the enforcement vehicle before the aberring vehicle?! God in His small mercies...
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Hehe, yeah!

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