Beware of the Kumars

Yes you, I'm talking to you, clicking away. Beware of us. I run when I see you, and my better half looks for things that might chase you away. Now how much clearer can we get? Yet, you keep showing up. Its a sorry thing to say, but we don't like you.

I mean, you find ways and means to disturb us with your eyeballing. Seriously, why do you do that? And your pasty face is not exactly 'joy forever' material. And your fingers..and the nails on them..I get the creeps.

Go. Leave. Scram. Shoo. Adios.

And could you please not get all panicky whilst you do that? It compromises my image of a 'strong woman' when I run hither and thither screeching like a giant iguana (which I'm sure you'll like). Do you think it makes me happy to gather my skirts and stand on a chair, just to ensure that in your panic you don't do something stupid like ccccliiimmbbb uuuupppp mmmmyyyy lllleeeeegggg. See, just typing that made life drag for me. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Its nothing personal lizard, its just the way we are.


Divia said…
hey loved the post i have similar feelings for this weirdo...

Why cant God replace the lizard with some nice looking creature in the food web and not disturb the ecosystem!

The other day i was electrified and was screeching and JR refused to help thinking im sreaming bcoz of a lizard! jeopardizing my life.
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Divs, thank you :)

I'm sure God knew best when he created the lizard...yet.........!!!

What?! You got electrified?! Maybe you should create a 'lizard scream' and 'everything else scream'! Just to ensure your safety!

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