The Helping Hand

How far would you go,
To lend a Helping Hand?
To lighten a burden,
To wipe a tear?

Would you walk the extra mile,
Give up your cloak even?
Or would you look, but not see,
And walk away?

Would you donate a smile,
To an eye that has seen none?
Or would you turn deaf,
At the plea of an outstretched arm?

The Helping Hand is a funny thing,
Its not at all a hand, you see.
From a listening ear to a teddy bear hug,
The Helping Hand, its free.

Sometimes its needed by family and friends,
A stranger might be in need.
The only condition for a Helping Hand,
Is its unconditonality.

Be it extended to someone nearby,
Or someone in Tuni,
The Helping Hand is hope and love,
Through us, from the Almighty.

This poem was written for Scottish Love in Action (SLA), the founder of which, Gillie Davidson, is a dear friend.


Divia said…
you wrote the poem. Thats really wonderful. the thot too.......
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Yeah, I did :) Thanks for your generous compliment Divs!

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