Soul Sisters?

Do you too

whip up your phone, turn it to silent and have fake conversations if your auto/cab driver is creepy chatty?

talk to yourself (without the phone and when alone)?

practice 'Thank You' speeches in front of the mirror for when you receive your award. (Whatever that is)?

say - "I'll do 'insert some important work that needs to be done, now', as soon as I finish playing one game of Angry Birds?

vow to exercise regularly. Then do it. Then be filled with such a sense of accomplishment that take another week before you exercise again?


say sorry to cloth clips that don't make it to the clothesline?

love the smell of detergent?

get all soppy while watching 'Finding Nemo'?

feel unexplained joy after scrubbing your restroom to a sparkle?


Divia said…
Me too me too! loved reading the post
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Haha! Thank you Divya! :) :)

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