That thing that sweetens

I'm a look-at-recipes-and-drool kind of girl.

When I was way younger, there were a bunch of Canadian cookbooks that used to beautify our bookshelves. I've spent quite a chunk of many a days, going page by page, savoring each picture like it were the dish itself!

Fast forward several many many many many years and thanks to some real and wannabe chefs out there (I watch Masterchef Australia with a dedication bordering on religiosity. Oh, btw, I know who wins it! Muahaha!), I once again spend (sometimes) better parts of my days going through cooking websites. One of my favorites is I've always wanted to be the kind of person who says, "When I'm stressed, I bake!" But what I truly am is, "When I'm stressed I devour baked stuff" kinda person. Ahem.

Anyways, so today, I was watching this video on how to make banana chocolate cake and I got this strong desire to do the same, and I ran out to the store to buy me some cocoa powder and for some reason I picked up demerera shugar. All was well until I remembered a quote that goes 'when baking follow directions, when cooking follow your heart'. I didn't want (another) episode of flop banana cake, so I searched to see if demerera shugar can be used as a substitute for white shugar. I searched with such focus that after sometime I realized that I was pronouncing 'sugar' as 'SOOOgar' and I was typing 'shugar' in the search box.

Yep, earlier sugar typo isn't really a typo ;) Was trying make the point (IF THAT) of this post, clearer.

Anyways, to cut a short story shorter, I ended up following baking directions and using white granulated sugar after all! The banana chocolate muffins have risen in the oven as we speak and I've got luscious, natural, tender coconut ice cream in the freezer, eagerly awaiting its soulmate.


Rohan said…
"But what I truly
am is, "When I'm stressed I
devour baked stuff" kinda
Awesome line!
And try watchin the malayalam movie Salt n Pepper!! U'l like it. . ;-)
!! Oxymoron !! said…

Haha! Thank you!! I've seen the opening credits for the movie, I think (was super delicious ;) ) I'll try to catch the movie too!
Divia said…
Hey you owe me one piece too!
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Definitely, next time Divs!

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