Payanam Time!

Phew!! At last! I get to blog!

What a past few weeks it has been! Everything seemed to be happening in a blur. Clothes (need I say more! what with Waves Annanagar opening a brand new showroom, I am now a proud owner of quite a few capris and kurtis and trousers!), utensils(tawa, kadai, pressure cooker..snigger!!), groceries (I have bought all sorts of masalas;other than pepper and salt for omlettes, I am not too sure about the working principle of the rest!) and of course, my other sweetheart, my laptop! (I know, I know, I could have bought it there. Heard it many many times :D)

Its like I am going away for a lifetime, not for a year or two! Anyways, last night, after much persuasion, I made my dad pack my suitcase. I wanted this done a couple of days ago, but both my parents, weren't ready to get into 'our-daugther-is-leaving' mood that early! (all this after all the torture I've put them through, all my life?!! ;) I thought, they might be heaving a sigh of relief that the tyrant has at last left!). OK, mebbe they are!!

Grandad now finds everything about me very sweet! I am now more beautiful than before (hey!thats what he says!) not like I mind though ;) Gosh, come to think of it, I've quite tortured my poor grandpop too! My room would usually be devoid of any clutter, thanks to Thaatha, who made sure that all my clothes were folded, my stationery in the right box and my cosmetics back in the vanity case(not like I have something like that..hehehe..just a huge Dior bag my aunt gifted me!)

So how do I feel leaving the country?? Not overtly depressed. I'll miss GOOD rasam and GOOD sambhar and GOOD chicken fry. Theoritically mom is happy with my recitation of Mantra de Rasam and Karma..err..Kurma.hehehe..practically..yet to face the consequences! After 23 years of living, I am actually not going to have curfews...oooh, big responsibility, weighs heavily on my shoulders!

I have two HUGE suitcases stuffed to the brim and further.Despite the excess baggage allowance that British Airways gives, I might be carrying extra. Aaaarrghh,I hope I dont have to unpack at the airport.

Gotta run now. Had so many plans of meeting a lot of people before I leave, especially my friend who is a new mummy , however, had to make do with a phone call. Just two days left. Exclusive family time.

Later from the castles of Edinburgh then!



Aarthi said…
Ne dana adu....Yaro oru ponnu vandhu waves kadayaye gaali panitu pochu nu paper la news vandhadhe....

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