Of Lothian buses and only change accepted tickets

Its been exactly a week since I've moved to Edinburgh. Things have been tight (classes i mean, clothes are loose already) and I put off my blogging like a zillion times. I think its only fair that my friends, whom I have not had an opportunity of updating on my new life (style) be given their fair share of updation!

So where do I begin? With the lady at the check in who literally threw me out of the plane for carrying 13 kilos of extra luggage? Or the dismally boring flight with a kid that WOULDNT STOP WHINING? Or maybe I should start with the part when I tugged and chugged my huuuuuuuugeee suitcase (I stand corrected: ONE of my hugggggggggeee suitcases) and upped three floors of English stone and Scottish carpets (the details are gory figments of my imagination, I swear I cant tell a pebble from marble! Or persian rugs from chinese!) and reached my room, which thankfully was clean, cosy and had a marvellous view! And I sit on the recently upholstered bed, say a word of thanks to God and again tug and literally hug my suitcase to get that bath that my body, mind and soul were screaming together for. And voila, there were clothes! Trousers that wouldnt fit me cuz they were meant for MEN! Shirts that wouldnt look good on me cuz they were meant for MEN! And undies....da da da da da! Baggage switch! Of ALL the days! Of ALL the flights! Of ALL the baggages! Well, like I usually tell those who ask me the of-all-the- questions....WHY NOT?!

So once again, tugging that mammoth, blue, dinosaur in disguise along, i huffed and puffed to the airport, hoping against hope that the guy who picked up mine wouldnt suddenly discover his passion for cross dressing! hehe..ok, that was a bit too much! Actually, I was quite confident about getting my baggage back, I prayed and of course, the scorpio woman's intuition is rarely wrong!

Baggage back, bath taken, MY CLOTHES worn! I slept a peaceful sleep that night. The rest of the days were a blur. Freshers week. Loads of parties (none of which I attended), given the pre-reading that was 'compulsory' for the class that hadnt even begun.

Or hey, maybe I should talk about the time when Prabha and I went to Asda supermarket and bought stuff for a couple of weeks and then almost cried on our way back home because the bags were too freaking heavy and the halls of residence too freaking far away. Brrr! My body ached for days! Sweet memories :p!

And then The day dawned. Bright and blued! Sunshine and cute sheep grazing in the meadow right next to my hall. My MBA class. United Colors of Benetton would be proud of us. A scot, a malaysian, three indians, a nigerian, a uandan (or smthing like that!) a japanese, a taiwanese, a chinese, a pakistani, a jordanian, a norwegian and an english! Sitting in the lecture room was like sitting in a room with a TV running multiple channels! Whooo! What an experience! Did all the MBA stuff, the rope excercise, the blindfolding thing, loadsa discussions and professors who would every ten minutes say "this-is-a-tough-and-demanding-course-you-are-required-to--work-very-hard-indeed"...."YES MAAAASSSTTEERRRR"!!!

Met some really interesting people at the Chaplaincy. Will and Abraham who will find mention here. Will, a Nigerian who speaks English just like the English and Abe, an Indian, who is actually French and yeah, speaks English just like them! He was born in Pondicherry too! Yipee! We are the world! Pondicherrians! Heheheh!!

Things just starting to settling down here. With a wee bit of free time on my hands, I hope to be able to blog more often now. More for myself.

I gotta run now. Going to make Puliogare for dinner and tomorrow's lunch and tomorrow's dinner! heheheh! Yep! My life! Eating out of the chilled boxes!

Take care y'all!



'Stung by the splendor of a sudden thought!' said...

Didnt the buses n tickets get missed out...or is it just me!!....

iamchandru said...

saw ur blog frm orkut community! all are interested n eager to go abroad for studies or job, but once anga pona udanae ellarukum endha nelamai dhan. enaku Newyork nagaram song dhan gnabadhuku varudhu!

Aarthi said...

What Aashi...you are so alert...n chilled food-gosh jus the thout makes me sick....

!! Oxymoron !! said...

@kyun nahin
Good god! Trust me, getting side tracked is an art I have had no need to perfect, I'm a natural!

Haha, so true.

Aiyoo, what to do, was being my silly self!

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

NO ! NO! NO!

I did not get it which means i am not satya

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