Boxing Day...literally!!


Took longer than usual, 3 days to be precise, but Abi and I had our first punch fight!!! He wanted to be on the internet, I wanted to blog, there is only one ethernet cable and two laptops. hehehe!! Hence ensued a "Why do u even bother to come to see me" and " I dont know why I even bother to come and see u"!! Which later developed into a "Abi, I think I will punch you" followed by, "There, you just thought and I did it"!!! Sigh! Finally I threw the cable at him! He won the battle and the cable...ONLY TODAY!! One day when I am rich and famous.....!!!!

The reason I wanted to blog today was, that even though I have rediscovered my childhood (ref: previous post!) I have forgotten how to fit laces in a sneaker!!! I bought a long coveted pair of sneakers yesterday and thanks to my brother ( dont even ask, how!) each shoe now has the laces done differently and I have no clue how either is done, and the sibling of mine doesnt either!!

So, if anyone remembers, please do remind me how to get those laces back into my shoe, the right way!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

God bless!


Vadapoche said...

hey i'll send u a pic, wait

Divia said...

you just remind me of my DAD!

Aarthi said...

The pic was the highlight.....

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