The other side

There are things that happen in life which just get imprinted in your memory and become milestones for life. The first time you hit the fan switch all by yourself (balancing on your toes), the time you learnt how to ride cycle (without daddy holding the carrier and awkwardly running behind you), the time you got punished for talking in class, the time you thought your parents hated you, the time you absolutely swore there was no god, the time you prayed (almost immediately after) that you pass the horribly done exam(!),the time you won a competition unexpectedly, the time you lost one miserably, the time you realised you were in love...(dreamy eyes!).

And recently ,(for me) the time I realised I was now on the other side of twenty five! (Eeeeeeeeeeee!!)

My enlightened day began with a big long look at the mirror. So, I asked myself (conscience in the mirror -Indian movie style) about how it felt to be twenty six. And whilst the conversation was going on, I noticed something that I thought was going to make me faint. No, this couldnt be happening, not so soon, not so spot on. How do my hormones know that its my birthday today????? And I thought these things will take another good ten years before they start appearing. For, on the left of my left eye, was a wrinkle, so obviously visible that I was shocked into stunned silence! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, and again, shockingly, the wrinkle stuck to my palms - it was an eyelash (phew!).

Resolving (again) not to be so impulsive with my conclusions, the rest of the day was a pleasant blur, gobbling on mom made special kesari (a South Indian sweet dish),thanking my friends who called me to not only wish me many returns o my day, but also to remind me that now I was OLD! Dinner in a cosy little restaurant with a Ralph Lauren fragrance nestled comfortably in my purse, my dear K beside me and cute tiny imaginary hearts popping here and there, it wasnt a bad, heck it was a lovely good bye to pre 25 and a warm hug to post!

Ach, soooooooo many things to do before I reach the big three oh! I better hurry up now!


Vadapoche said…
Hey sounds like a great way to spend your bday!!!
Btw didnt c any mention of lipstick...
Divia said…
sorry woman....(cant say babes anymore)forgot your bday...
anyway will wish you in person when we see you on Saturday.
Nautankey said…
Welcome ..welcome to the club..and trust me wrikles are better.I am still reelign under the shock of finding grey hairs :(....this is Bad!!...but then thats how life is as we progress many more things we discover..bald plates,tummies, blocked arteries et al...Have a grea year ahead :)
!! Oxymoron !! said…
It was! Going natural!!

Babe!! You can still call me babe!! See you saturday!

Ok, now is that a welcome or a warning! lol!! Thanks for dropping by, your wishes and a clear glimpse of the road ahead!
Aarthi said…
Grr.. These days I get irritated when ppl ask my DOB.. esp the year... :(
Age like wine. Not like sour grapes i guess...

So chill and watch the wrinkles never appear.

Is that enuff of oxymoronishism ?
!! Oxymoron !! said…
I can imagine! Though, I dont really ming growing older, its the stereotyping and the stigma associated with it (especially for girls, especially in India) that gets to me.

I think I got it. Not! - Oxymoron =) However, the idea of becoming more intoxicating by the year does appeal to me!!
hey ash, was your b'day in recent times?.. Belated wishes and God bless you!:)
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Do you remember the day I came to ABP for my first interview with Ananth? - Yeap! That was the day! Thank you for your wishes!!

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