Best of both worlds

Its an absolute bliss being a woman! I mean, the emotional roller coasters, the dastardly PMS, the uneven distribution of weight, the inability to immediately convert fat to muscle and several other unmentionable flips aside, it really is an absolute bliss being a woman!

The way we think, has among many millions, caught my curiosity too. Since a long time ago I have been trying to understand/analyse/accept some genetic traits inherited from Eve herself. I know, for instance, that we women have a lot more connections that run between our brain cells, that we have a larger corpus collosum that facilitates the transfer of data between the left and the right brain. But, here comes the icing - we are adept at using both sides of the brain effectively!

Good news, right?!!! Yes, true..yeah..hmmm...ahem! Indecisiveness I guess is a direct derivative of this physiological advantage (or dis, depending on the circumstance!). So, today, when I asked the person responsible for beverages in my office ,for tea, plain old chai, and he rattled, "elaichi? masala? ginger? lemon?"; it was embarrassing to stand there stumped, brain rooted to its stem, unable to speak, since the brain was still processing the information and trying to come to a conclusion. It was an unearthly forty seconds or so before I decided on cardamom, if not for anything, but to get out of the room!

Embarrassment aside, I am quite proud of the left brain, right brain adeptness! As a daughter, it gets me to feel guilty when mom is working alone in the kitchen (and yell from in front of the TV, 'ma, want 'ny 'elp??') and at the same time tell myself that one day, I would be there making burritos and carrot halwa for my off springs and their father, so I can offer my culinary services during the commercial break for Balika Vadhu!

Just to confirm things, I wanted to quickly check the dancing girl test - an interesting test that tells you whether you use the left half of your brain more than the right or vice versa - and guess what happens there! The girl turned clockwise as soon as I could see her, a blink later, she was turning anti clockwise! And another blink later, clockwise!

So, women, enjoy among many other things, this full use of the brain!!!


Vadapoche said...

ROTFL! Way to go!

Phoenix said...

lol!! amazing!!

Phoenix said...

hey girl im blog rolling you...

!! Oxymoron !! said...

hehe! Thanks!

Thank you! Sure, go right ahead!

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

Let me help you here. Not that you asked for it. But hey, Bandwidth is free when i am working.

When i decide it works like this. I know i want a cup of tea which is 98% of my decision. 2% is the flavoring which i really would care about unless i had a food allergy.

Look at everything you are indecisive about, this is the underlying fact.

And you know what, that what makes women interesting. I hate the women who walk into an outlet and pick a dress and buy it. I love to see them go round and round through a series of questions which is just 2% final thingie u need.

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