Goodbye Tickle

Tickle is closing down...*sniff*. I will never forget the hours spent discovering my emotional quotient on Tickle..or the nice things it always said about me. I have precious memories and fond sentiments attached to the website and now that I've learnt that its closing down..I pay my last respects.

Tickle, you may be gone in another day, but you will forever remain the only one ever to have called me a 'borderline genius'. I will miss you.


!! Oxymoron !! said...


Raveena said...

The closed tickle? What? NO! Why?!

We should protest!


!! Oxymoron !! said...


I think its cost cutting measures by Monster. Or maybe they werent doing very well.
You could try this site, its not as fun as Tickle..but we could drown our sorrows here!

Divia said...

OMG! they closed down tickle? i cant beleive this. Thankfully i copied the results in a word document and kept it safe. sometimes they help write your CVs... he he he...

But im still irritated that its closed.

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