Think Hell, think 'hell'

I have evolved over time, and so has my perception of my faith, my understanding of the divine and my relationship with God. I am not a fanatic, neither am I lukewarm. I have my beliefs, my own doubts (but of course! Faith that doesn't have its occasional, "hmmm..??" moments gives no space for growth) and my own way of 'setting it right'.

Anyways, recently, I was going through some random questions on Straightdope (which is my latest addiction!) where someone had asked Cecil Adams (the guy who answers the questions) about 'Hell'. Among the many things written there, there was something that I could immediately relate to. It said, that Hell is the state of mind/being one is in, when away from God (aka- the state of mind/being one is in when the conscience is pricking with several thorns).

I equate conscience with God. So, that feeling you get when you know you've done something wrong, yet you justify it in your heart, convince yourself its OK and have your meal and try to sleep - yet, sleep evades you. When you feel this serpentine something that squirms within you, your heart in its mouth, stealing the twinkle from your eye, the mirth from your laughter, the peace from your soul. Being away from, that is hell, huh?

I wholeheartedly agree, because, I think its worse than a raging fire.


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