Seeing beyond the scene

Beautiful photographs makes my heart ache with longing. (Sometimes) my eyes begin to well up with tears and I begin to pine for some unknown thing. This onslaught of puberty like symptoms was recently (and thankfully) laid to rest when I discovered that, the pining is a result of the resigned acceptance of my inability to 'see' the way a photographer does.


Aarthi said…
ive been thru the same too.. but not to d extreme of tears..
!! Oxymoron !! said…
lol! Ok, I agree I'm a bit on the dramatic side =D hehe!
Reuben said…
haha..tears..really? few of em are real puzzlers..

Its all in the eyes of the beholder I supposed. In case of abstracts..yes, its really hard to read what the artist wants to convey - but it does help if follow the artists work regularly to try and identify his/her patterns. Else...a bouncer is always on :)
!! Oxymoron !! said…

Lol!! I agree, some of them are real head scratchers! And very true, looking at a painting/picture with an understanding of the painter/photographer puts it in context and makes it more 'understandable' hence more 'appreciatable'! Thanks for your comment :)

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