Return Gift

Saw this North Indian girl in the gym, speaking flawless Tamil to the trainer, and realized that the greatest respect, someone can show to a place they live and work in, that's not theirs to start with, is to learn its language and speak it.


Aarthi said…
That is what I thought when I saw you first Aashi :) Later came to know your mother tongue :)
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Really?! Hahaha! Dear dear Aarthi!
scribadiva said…
I lived in Mexico, and while the younger generation--my students learning to speak English--the rest of the town, and Mexico, for that matter, gave me the greatest compliment: that I looked Mexican. I learned to speak fluently while there.You are absolutely right.
For the first time, I clicked on 'Next Blog.' And look at how brilliant you are. Will visit often; if you have a feed, I'll hook up. From the blog next door, Linda
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Hey Linda! Thanks for stopping by and for your generous compliment! Am delighted, thinking that you'll be reading my posts! Cheers!
anamika said…
so rightly said:)
Raveena said…
True, that. But I think that respect should come out of choice and not out of force or due to expectation.

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