Written on the tail end of a bike that I saw (and read) last evening:

"I love the girl who's reading this."

Considering Chennai's population, I wonder how many thousands of women the dude's in love with!!


Vadapoche said…
Paavum paiyan, he is just hoping, let him be. Seen any guy who has a girl writing these?
Rohan said…
Interestin. . I should try it out someday wen i get a bike!!!
Danny said…
Haha, that's funny. Maybe he's a very loveable guy LOL!
Raveena said…
Ha ha... Chennai, the place where too many boys fall for too many girls.
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Lol! A guy with a girl writing this on a bike..hmm..I don't think we can see such a one. I mean like really see him. He'll 'disappear', 'sleep with the fishes' or 'meet with an accident'!

@ Rohan
Haha, sure! Who knows what might happen!

@ Danny
Hehehe! Probably! I just found it so funny and brutally honest!

Yeah?! Lots of 'wanna be my frand' here too?!
Raveena said…
Here too?! Where else?!

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