The innocent law breaker

Today, unknowingly, by mistake, accidentally, theriyama, unintentionally, in all innocence;

I jumped a traffic signal. Gulp.

Barely escaped the talons of law as a traffic policeman started towards me. GULP.

Mouthed a heartfelt sorry to him, from within a very protective helmet, even as his fierce brows came together. GULLLPPP.

Raced away, checking my rear view mirror for MILES, for blazing blue lights, white shirts, khakhi pants and AK 47s.

Learnt, at great risk (brrr..), that intuition doesn’t work at traffic signals.



Raveena said…
Lol! So much gulping involved in today's lesson!
Vadapoche said…
ithu konjam over. for more insights into the traffic police read an earlier post of mine, but nice of you to feel bad for breaking a traffic rule, such emotions are hard to find in Chennai today
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Hehehe! Because, (almost)first time!

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