That's all good, but...............

I'm happy in my own little world. The state of affairs of the country does bother me, sometimes, but, on the whole, because of the whole ageing and everything, I'm not about to walk up and make speeches and inspire people.

But, at the ripe old age of 74, Kisan Hazare (known to others as Anna Hazare) does just that, for several million people. And I'm not one among them. His tactics just annoy me.

I just read in the news that he's instigating a 'jail bharo aandolan' or a 'fill the jails protest' where people
will be arrested and put in jail, en masse. When freedom fighters did it, for the sake of liberating their country from the clutches of foreign powers, it was noble. But, when a country man, is instigating his people, leveraging their blinded worship of him, and giving them a false sense of being 'freedom fighters', it's just shallow.

I'm all for rooting out corruption and cleaner India. But, trying to topple the the existing government, organizing campaigns to ensure people don't vote for them, name's just making things more expensive and the stock market volatile.

I guess, I live in a part of the country where, all it matters is whether it's 'Amma' or 'Thaatha' on the throne. But, I do know that instability at the Centre will send it's shockwaves to peaceful, tranquil, my part of the world too.

Mr. Kisan Hazare, what you're doing is noble and all.....but I just refuse to believe that any person can be so ideal and self sacrificing, with absolutely no personal gains. I guess, only time will tell.


Divia said…
Me too me too it just not a democratic way of doing things.

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