When I first started this blog, in 2006, I was quite confident that it would last as long as a goldfish's memory. I had begun and abandoned so many blogs by then, that this my blog had a very slim chance of surviving my lack of attention! 

All true, until one fortunate day, I found out that my then boyfriend was reading my blogs! Delighted, and very pheromones-ically, I subliminally thought that, looking after my blog would be akin to looking after a pet, or a plant and show to him in some subconscious way that I was 'responsible' or maybe even 'nurturing'! Haha! 

Recently I was going through some old diaries of mine and was quite bewildered that some of the incidents I've written about (some codes were involved! Teenage was tough with curious and snoopy family members!) don't exist in my memory anymore! I mean, it's as if some of my diary entries were pieces of fiction! 

However, when I go back to posts written so many years ago and read about incidents that are merely fading pictures in my memory, it gives me a certain joy! It also reminds of many other related things that had found their happy corners in my mind. 

So, growing older I've come to realize two things. One, changing your blog's name all of a sudden will ensure that no one, apart from the 'Next Blog' visitor will ever read it (hello you!) And two, it's not as easy to rattle away about one's day as it used to be before! 

Therefore friend, whoever you are, who's reading this - welcome, and thanks! 

And to my aforementioned 'then boyfriend', if you're reading this, I'd like to say - "Hi hubbykins!" 


Kudos 2 u ash!....it takes a lot of dedication to keep your blog alive - more effort than a pet or a plant requires......i should know - my last blog post was 5 years ago! :O!...so i bow to your stick-to-itiveness :)......and thank your then bf and your now hubby 4 being the motivation - thanks 2 him i get to enjoy your posts even though i might be really late in doing so! :D
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Hahaha, late aa vandhalum, latest aah varuvey Daffy nee!!
Divia said…
hey ashika i've written a total of 35 to 40 posts in these six years! ;(

The passion to write is kept alive, making time to sit and reflect and put it in writing is the difficult part. It is definately more time consuming to keep your blog alive.

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