Midnight crisis

This summer when the Government announced that there'll be power cuts, it was no surprise. Happened last year, so this year was no shocker. Their business plan (or whatever it can be called) was surprisingly convenient. We were told in advance about how many hours and at what times power would be disconnected. That was relief because, I could plan lunches ahead (use the blender at the right time and not become panicky when I switched it on and there was no whirr.) More than anything, I could go out and come back at the right time, to use the elevator!

Today however, there had been an unscheduled power cut, at night. Midnight. Can I tell you, unashamedly, that I couldn't sleep without the hum of the AC. I tossed, turned, sighed, heavily sighed - no use. After what seemed like many years, the power came back and believe me, for a few minutes, I surprised myself at how deliriously happy it made me.  And like the cake that came so close to the mouth and then was snatched away, the power got disconnected, again. 

I almost cried. 

The power's back now (came back about half hour later), but like a 'once bitten twice shy' person, I'm unable to go back to bed, because I'm afraid it'll go again and this time, I'll be mad! 


Divia said…
Hey I know exactly what you mean. But cant relate to it anymore bcoz now when there is a power cut i have to see to it that Trinity is sufficiently covered and not bitten by mosquitoes and also not too hot so you have to fan her and occasionally the dad too. All this bcoz if she wakes up in the middle of the night she'll drive nuts, a nagging kid is worse than power cut!
!! Oxymoron !! said…

LOL at 'occasionally the dad too" You are funny!

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