Quite fishy this

I wanted to be adventurous today. So instead of seer fish, I bought pomfret. I came home and 'dabbled' in fish curry and fish fry making and immediately thought, 'I should have bought the seer fish'. Even in a screwed up curry, it tastes good!

Growing up, fish curry was my absolute favourite. My brother hated the fish, in the fish curry, so I automatically inherited his share. The curry that mom used to make was this tangy, dark one, which had whole garlic pods, that had been cooked in the stew floating around. Aah, thank God for my brother's pet peeves, for I inherited those garlic pods too!

Over time, now that I have a more mature palate, when I taste mom's fish curry, it seems so much tastier than what I used to have as a child. However, I cannot seem to master it no matter how many times she repeats the recipe to me, or how many times I google 'traditional tamil fish curry'!

What I made today was Ooook, but that didn't stop my lovely hubby from telling me that 'it's good'! I think I'm going to practice a lot lot lot more to get it as right as mom's. It's going to take a while though, I can feel it in my taste buds.

Maybe I'll even post some pictures and spice things up a bit ;) 


'inherited his share'!!....seriously??.....so the whole Esau - Jacob stew thingy is still alive in this century too uh?? :))
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Lol!!! In a way =p
Divia said…
Ashika I tried out different methods too but all seem good in it self but never consistent like how mum makes it! May be its called "Kai Pakkuvam" but I tell you it more of a mind play, My Mom's dish is tasty! Try at your mom's place with her around. Then you'll probably know what we are doing different :)

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