Awesome = Women

One of the most irritating things about my aerobics centre is that it resembles our country...tremendous population, lack of infrastructure. Lack of dumbells, lack of mats, lack of sticks!! And thats when I caught a glimpse of what it is to be a woman!
Mine is a mixed aerobics group, about 10 women and 15 men. The day in discussion was one of the most strenuous work outs ever, Prabhu, our instructor said, "dumbells" and everyone rushed to get theirs. The men are strategically placed, as in, they are close to the little box where the dumbells are stored. And by the time, we the deprived women reached the box ....late and damn! there were only four pairs of dumbells. So four of us took the four pairs and there were four more women doing the dumbell exercises without them.
I was happily doing my workout when suddenly one girl stopped her workout and gave one of the dumbells to another girl, we all followed suit. Now there were 8 women with one dumbell each! And we all did our workout (happily ever after?! Couldnt resist it!)
The same thing goes with the mats, if there is a deficit of mats, we girls simply shift and share mats!!
Ok, whats the point?! Well, the point is, that I think women are great when they want to be!!
AND! That I am proud proud proud to be a woman!!!!!! :D


Teazinterror said...

Hey..some guyz share too....or rather wish they cud.....only difference being an extra 'e'!!!...whether therez a deficit or not!!!.......

Aarthi said...

Hey Gr8 Aashi...you are still the rebellious Aashi I have seen in school...I learnt from you,not be just dumb when someone says something wrong abt women/girls...something gud i learnt from u

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