*!! LoVe !!*

How does one identify love? Am I in love if I feel a rush of such emotions that my heart pumps enough blood to 'paint the town red'?!!!! Or am I in love when I wake up in the morning, not dreading the strenuous aerobics, the rush back home, the traffic at Nelson Manickam road, the deadlines-instead feeling like the world couldnt be more at peace and joy?!

I read somewhere that love is nothing but a mere chemical reaction...(excuse me for the obvious lack of in depth knowledge)but speaking in 'nature' terms, Lady moths secrete this chemical called phremones, which are so powerful that they can attract a gentleman moth almost 4000 miles away!! lol!! wow! is that explosive or what?!! Thats for moths and mothsesses! What about us? We the most intelligent, yet so lost in many avenues humans?! I do not know!!
However, since almost everything, nah! everything in nature is replicated in everything else, maybe we do...is 15,000 kilometers a possible distance for love to grow? (not that I am aware of any phremones secretion!!!!!)

Maybe its not all that 'scientific', maybe its not all that 'physiological', maybe its not all that 'logical'...maybe it is...I dont know!

All I know is that there is more hope than before, more joy than before, more enthusiasm than before. There is more love than ever before.

And did I tell you? I never even got upset with the guy who was honking behind me at the red traffic signal!! Funny!


Teazinterror said…
Ha! Ha!....I know where all this is coming from!!!..hee!...
btw, poor guy at the signal.....ur dreamy face n am not bothered attitude wud have eaten thru him the entire day!!!...don't know how many ppl got kadichi thuppified for no mistake of theirz, thnx to u!!!!!
Aarthi said…
ya...really funny....

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