!! Men !! &*Women* ------ Equal or not?!!!

It is my opinion that women and men or not equal because they are both unique in their own sense. It is this imbalance that keeps the balance!! Today I was reading the Kenneth Copeland Ministries daily devotion and came across this!

"Take men and women, for example. He's (meaning Satan) deceived us into fighting about which one is superior over the other. But I can settle that argument right now. Women are superior to men. If you don't believe that, you boys try having a baby. But then, men are superior to women. If you don't believe that, you women try having one without us. It's the differences combined that make us strong! "

- Kenneth Copeland

I think it rocks!


Teazinterror said...

cool....great argument.....but if u really wanna take it to the extreme........I guess u can argue dat science is superior to both men n women!!!!!

Aarthi said...

hey I jus copied those lines by Kenneth Copeland....ya it truely rocks!!!!!!

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